Mama Soul - Harrold Alexander Gibril Kuyateh Edit

‘Mama Soul’ – Harold Alexander Gibril Kuyateh Edit Teaser (April 17th) FUSICOLOGY | BROOKLYN RADIO

Whats good my people’s…

Everyone’s lingering back from Miami’s Winter Music Conference WMC full of heat, tans and energy to party.  With that, I reached out to FUSICOLOGY with the idea of creating a house music mixtape available as free downloads on Soundcloud that would be released through our BROOKLYN RADIO family.

Fusicology was down…  Afterwards I realized that not everyone on Brooklyn Radio & Fusicology is familiar with the real NYC style of house.  So, I figured I’d expand it adding more genres.

The a result is a compilation of Hip Hop Beats, Funky Eclectic Treats and Dope House Music Brooklyn style.  It will include original production, sampling, remixes and more.  Name is still unknown.

Here u have a sample of the Funky Eclectic Treats  During the mix down phase, I beefed up the bass and drums, lightened the highs and made it a bit more twisted than it was originally when created on the fly during a guest mix a few years back.


The last 6 or so months have been a trying one.  It started when my original and only black Macbook died with everything in it and no backups.  All my music, photos, videos, notes… everything.  Fucking sucked, plus all past production that was to be released gone.  I tried getting it back but nada.  Artist were expecting finished production, but I couldn’t do anything about it.  I became very sad for awhile till i replaced it.  But that wasn’t enough, I needed a better work flow environment and it would take time to build.

I delved deeper into the music creation process in addition to video/photography.  Ended up setting up a Brooklyn style multi-media technology studio to work with my flow and grew as an independent artistic and creative spirit.

An unexpected revelation occurred, I no longer needed others for help.

Now I’m completely capable of handling every facet of music/visuals to the best of my abilities going off of natural feeling and self education.

In the past, I often felt a need to include spirits that were not as enthusiastic as I, to be apart of creative projects.  It bothered me, especially knowing how supportive I am of friends movements.  I could feel the antsy energy, that joint where your like… they not gonna do it lol.  I know it wasn’t personal but more not in their immediate plans.

I understood it’s a hard sell, especially when everyone has their own projects and artistic goals…

No problem, it’s just time for me to step out the shell and put my face on it.  Let people see what i’m about through video, writing, photos.  I knew the right energies would naturally gravitate toward me who are like mind, in time.  Meanwhile, I’ll recharge creatively and that I did.


About 4 years ago, something happened to me on a spiritual and physical level.  My 5 senses heightened dramatically.  The ability to feel was more intense, taste became visual and attached to other senses, I was hearing emotions and seeing sounds.  It was rather adventurous and I began testing it all out patiently.

I began playing the piano after 20+ years, i began eating onions (i hate onions) and other foods (like octupus…) and enjoying them.  Cooking improved and sensations heightened, especially with others, my connection was more on a metaphysical level.

Feeling one’s energy and directing it was natural.  Writing songs, rhymes for others, and just writing was effortless.  Kinda gross, but I could feel my insides and shift things around while in deep thought… weird sounding, i know but true.

5-D Sound

With that, I started creating music and mixing music in a way to replicate the way it’s hear in my head.

I wanted it to be 5-D (dimensional like senses), so people could visualize it like a story, feel the music as if they were one with it, taste the deliciousness of melodic goodness to the point where one would lick their lips and smell the funk of soulfully inducing sounds.

The final touch was putting my own energy in it so that you could feel me through the mix.  My entire being and emotions right there with the listener.

Engineering wasn’t a chore but all apart of the fun.  Beginning with stereo imaging, adding compressors, multipressors, channel eq, side-chaining, modulation, pitch bends you name it… all to create an atmospheric sound xperience.

Overtime I got better, now i’m at that comfortable point where I can create anything I hear in my head and replicate others if wanted.

My production identity is unique and understanding of its core listener.  I make music for people like me, who enjoy good soulful sounds of all genres and the hip hop + house dancers which is what I was and still am.

If I could dance to it, others would be able to as well.

And with that, I hope you enjoy the treats to come.  It will sound incredible on headphones and surround sound… i’m calling the mix down process 5D Sound.  #mrkuyateh

DJ Gibril "GiKu" Kuyateh
DJ Gibril “GiKu” Kuyateh

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