Labor Day NYC Brooklyn 2013 photo g. kuyateh

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor Brooklyn Afro Brazilian Smashup | dj Gibril Kuyateh

Labor Day Brooklyn 2013
Labor Day NYC
Brooklyn 2013
Photo by Gibril Kuyateh

Awhile ago, I was working on a collaborative radio show with TomE of Laid Back Radio in Croatia.  It turned out dope!

He’s a really talented selector with an eclectically delicious taste in music. All genres are fair game, no commercial sounds are a given and well… just google him, sit back, and enjoy.

So back to the mix… while in the zone, I brought in Pon De Floor and soon freaked it adding some Airto (dope Brazilian musical genius) and a few other sounds to kick it up a few notches but not take away from the original. Something I do a lot on the show (GKXRS) and when dj’ing, but now I’m sharing sections such as this that stand out.

Brings me back to reggae parties in Brooklyn, grinding up against ‘a shortie’ on the wall, room hot as all hell, red light type atmosphere, everybody just hoping they got somebody dancing with them to that song lol.

I happen to like Diplo’s executive direction on Major Lazer production, its fun, quirky and infectious.  Really makes you want to get it in.  The original is just dope, the video is what sells it.  Love how they have fun and sh*t.  I hope the dancers got paid well… probably not, but I’ll be the first to speak out for artist rights.  Speak through music and writing ;), anyways peep this joint:

They actually dropped something not to long ago, check out a couple joints… ok, after listening its a bit busy so I’ll dig a lil deeper and find stuff thats more in-line/aligned with my ear.

Aahhh, here we go… this is more Brooklyn and I mean real BK not the hipster bk ish:

Enjoy! – mrkuyateh

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