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D Prosper Is Raining Down On Ya Mental With His New Track

Tweets from D Prosper is never a bad thing.  Been rocking with him for awhile, his sound is powerful and insightful.  He’s that lyricist that when you listen to him spit those lyrics, you get lost at first clear… there’s this call to action thats involuntary.  A undefinable side is thinking “hold the fu*k up, whats going on here.  what am i hearing, its not like the rest, it sound like i’ll learn some sh*t, wait a minute, is this stuff true, where’s wiki, where’s the bible, lemme google..”

D Prosper

Yea, he’s that dude.  I know music and everything I enjoy listening to are jewels whether you know now or later #facts.  D Prosper is also in my top 5 dopest emcee’s list.

He can spit over any type of beat and flame it.

Ok, I could say more but no fun in that.  Do ya homework and educate ya minds young Jedi’s, thats the art of finding sound naturally.

Peep this new track RAIN, another dope example of how to effectively rip sound.  Notice I said sound, not track.  This isn’t a track, it’s not a beat, its a short loop of what sounds like a classic love story Film with a few sound effects.  When I have more personal info on this dope track, i’ll update…

The effectiveness of his flow is apparent when the voice and lyrical content raises above the very energetic melody of the strings and keys.

To be clearer, try writing 4 bars to this and keep the content interesting and natural to where it doesn’t sound force but rather one like an instrument sitting right there in the room recording.  Now multiply that by what a buck, buck 20 bars and then pause… and salute the artistic talent that can.

Be inspired by dopeness and you’ll be composed of dopeness! @mrkuyateh_brooklyn

RAIN – D Prosper


This is the beautiful piece by Ryuichi SakamotoRain” that it was sampled from.  To understand and respect the art of sound, one must respect the essence.  Also, one must respect the artist ability to create a hip hop vision (tricky wording but makes sense).

Lastly, the artist Ryuichi Sakamoto performing it live.  Another way to connect and respect both artist work.  Just doing this research, now i’m a fan of this Japanese pianist/composer. What they did were no different, they each chose different musical paths and took in different musical energies to create.  Respect all art and you’ll be blessed with a beautiful mind.

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Ryuichi Sakamoto

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