Nneka | Taste This Audible Treat + GiKu Gem

I hope that what I am today is of positive benefit to other people
I must be true to myself within my music or I would be a liar  


NnekaLucia Egbuna


She reminds me of Sade right here…


they both have similar spirits.

GiKu Gem

Nneka is an amazing spirit and her vulnerability is quite incredible.  

We as creatives should embrace this organic strength, as it would propel our artistic dimensions.  

Start practicing today…

  original words from the heart to inspire greatness


Gibril Kuyateh

Nneka Africa Book Of Job
Nneka | Book Of Job

‘Mama Soul’ – Harold Alexander Gibril Kuyateh Edit Teaser (April 17th) FUSICOLOGY | BROOKLYN RADIO

Whats good my people’s…

Everyone’s lingering back from Miami’s Winter Music Conference WMC full of heat, tans and energy to party.  With that, I reached out to FUSICOLOGY with the idea of creating a house music mixtape available as free downloads on Soundcloud that would be released through our BROOKLYN RADIO family.

Fusicology was down…  Afterwards I realized that not everyone on Brooklyn Radio & Fusicology is familiar with the real NYC style of house.  So, I figured I’d expand it adding more genres.

The a result is a compilation of Hip Hop Beats, Funky Eclectic Treats and Dope House Music Brooklyn style.  It will include original production, sampling, remixes and more.  Name is still unknown.

Here u have a sample of the Funky Eclectic Treats  During the mix down phase, I beefed up the bass and drums, lightened the highs and made it a bit more twisted than it was originally when created on the fly during a guest mix a few years back.


The last 6 or so months have been a trying one.  It started when my original and only black Macbook died with everything in it and no backups.  All my music, photos, videos, notes… everything.  Fucking sucked, plus all past production that was to be released gone.  I tried getting it back but nada.  Artist were expecting finished production, but I couldn’t do anything about it.  I became very sad for awhile till i replaced it.  But that wasn’t enough, I needed a better work flow environment and it would take time to build.

I delved deeper into the music creation process in addition to video/photography.  Ended up setting up a Brooklyn style multi-media technology studio to work with my flow and grew as an independent artistic and creative spirit.

An unexpected revelation occurred, I no longer needed others for help.

Now I’m completely capable of handling every facet of music/visuals to the best of my abilities going off of natural feeling and self education.

In the past, I often felt a need to include spirits that were not as enthusiastic as I, to be apart of creative projects.  It bothered me, especially knowing how supportive I am of friends movements.  I could feel the antsy energy, that joint where your like… they not gonna do it lol.  I know it wasn’t personal but more not in their immediate plans.

I understood it’s a hard sell, especially when everyone has their own projects and artistic goals…

No problem, it’s just time for me to step out the shell and put my face on it.  Let people see what i’m about through video, writing, photos.  I knew the right energies would naturally gravitate toward me who are like mind, in time.  Meanwhile, I’ll recharge creatively and that I did.


About 4 years ago, something happened to me on a spiritual and physical level.  My 5 senses heightened dramatically.  The ability to feel was more intense, taste became visual and attached to other senses, I was hearing emotions and seeing sounds.  It was rather adventurous and I began testing it all out patiently.

I began playing the piano after 20+ years, i began eating onions (i hate onions) and other foods (like octupus…) and enjoying them.  Cooking improved and sensations heightened, especially with others, my connection was more on a metaphysical level.

Feeling one’s energy and directing it was natural.  Writing songs, rhymes for others, and just writing was effortless.  Kinda gross, but I could feel my insides and shift things around while in deep thought… weird sounding, i know but true.

5-D Sound

With that, I started creating music and mixing music in a way to replicate the way it’s hear in my head.

I wanted it to be 5-D (dimensional like senses), so people could visualize it like a story, feel the music as if they were one with it, taste the deliciousness of melodic goodness to the point where one would lick their lips and smell the funk of soulfully inducing sounds.

The final touch was putting my own energy in it so that you could feel me through the mix.  My entire being and emotions right there with the listener.

Engineering wasn’t a chore but all apart of the fun.  Beginning with stereo imaging, adding compressors, multipressors, channel eq, side-chaining, modulation, pitch bends you name it… all to create an atmospheric sound xperience.

Overtime I got better, now i’m at that comfortable point where I can create anything I hear in my head and replicate others if wanted.

My production identity is unique and understanding of its core listener.  I make music for people like me, who enjoy good soulful sounds of all genres and the hip hop + house dancers which is what I was and still am.

If I could dance to it, others would be able to as well.

And with that, I hope you enjoy the treats to come.  It will sound incredible on headphones and surround sound… i’m calling the mix down process 5D Sound.  #mrkuyateh

DJ Gibril "GiKu" Kuyateh
DJ Gibril “GiKu” Kuyateh

Is The Pioneer CDJ-400’s Ability To Scratch Better Than Vinyl And Is It Still Relevant In 2015?

The Pioneer CDJ-400 is a humble beast point blank.  If you ask most Dj’s around, they’ll convincingly point out the main reasons why this old tech (by todays standards) is still being used in many home, studios and professional environments.

Pair of CDJ-400
Pair of CDJ-400 + Black DJM-300

I currently have 2 Pioneer CDJ-400

Pioneer DDJ-SX
Pioneer DDJ-SX

2 Pioneer DDJ-SX

Pioneer DJM-300
Pioneer DJM-300

Pioneer DJM-300 Mixer


Pioneer EFX-500

as digital/cd decks, effects, mixer… (DDJ-SX has built in mixer, 4 channels/decks, additional support to link CDJ-400 and external drives)

*More on these later in addition to me updating this post with photos*

Now I started off with these like 4 years ago and they are perfect for my quaint Brooklyn apartment.  After doing homework I found that they are actually better than the 800/1000’s that i was considering buying.  All of them were about the same cost.

What sold me was the slight save in cost, the good reviews and 3 main advantages:


  1. Has vinyl mode
  2. Has USB… thats the big winner
  3. Illuminated jog wheel


  1. Smaller Platter than CDJ-800/1000’s
  2. Pitch isn’t as accurate so you have to be on it if the tempo switches up
  3. No rekordbox (but i don’t think rekordbox was out then, so doesn’t count)

The USB was a huge draw and illuminated jog wheel.  I originally wasn’t interested in vinyl.  The 1000’s surprisingly didn’t have a USB, odd but ok.  That was a greedy move by Pioneer, to strip important feature so they could later be released on an updated model #bastards.  Can’t be mad, it’s business and the way the game is played.

So USB 2.0 in addition playing a cd’s was dope.  Funny thing is, I didn’t start using the USB till last year lol.  I was on some vinyl enthusiast equivalent, but instead of vinyl is was CD’s.  My choice had sound reason as it typically does.  CD’s are WAV files with a higher quality in sound compared to the compressed mp3’s.

Now most be able to tell the difference between the two unless strong attention is given and even then, its challenging.  Personally, the difference is so apparent it’s annoying and I can’t deal with it.  I’m more tolerable now and have alternative methods of improving the sound to bring it closer and even just as good WAV or AIFF files.

Vinyl Mode

Now I’m loving vinyl mode and scratching often even though.  I push these to the limit doing, stepping out the box and doing creative on the fly sh*t that’s kinda dope.

The mode is a higher pitch scratch that lacks imperfections of vinyl that we love.  It doesn’t have that warm scratching sound, draw but you can still rock that ish out.  Now there are still way to get a sound closer to vinyl but at the end of the day Vinyl is better. 

Gotta admit though, these sound amazing for a digital deck.  I actually like the scratching feel on these better than the newer DDJ-SX.  The platter is small, but i’m used to em’.  I wish they were larger, but with larger platters come heavier and bigger equipment, which means more space needed. 

At the end of the day, I’m so comfortable with what I have and don’t feel it necessary to get anything else.  The xperience between the 400 and SX are very different.  There is more warmth and a naturalness that the SX lacks.  The SX is a beast as well and what I can do on these is just sick… vids lata.

So many are able to rock the floor with less, it’s not what you have but how well you understand and rock it.

If you got these decks, let me know how they are working out for ya.  I’ll be putting up more info on these, repair tips, video’s of me going in to adjust something and more as things come up… Enjoy! – mrkuyateh

Happy Birthday Dr. MAYA ANGELOU, Rest In Power SISTA!

Dr. Maya Angelou as a child…

We have to confront ourselves.

Do we like what we see in the mirror?

And, according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage, we will have to say yea or nay and rise! 

written by Dr. MAYA ANGELOU

maya angelou sit down
A younger Dr. Maya Angelou reading…

Dr. Maya Angelou was one of Americas most respected authors, poet, dancer, actress, civil rights activist and singer.  

malcolm and maya
Malcolm and Maya #M&M

We at GIKUMUSIC & FUSICOLOGY humbly recognize this iconic figure’s legacy and Birthday!

Iconoclast: Dave Chappelle + Maya Angelou [Full Episode]

Peep the incredible she did with Dave Chappelle that funny and pretty dope!

Maya Angelou, Singing Miss Calypso 

A lil throwback of Dr. Angelou’s singing skills, enjoy! – mrkuyateh


Major Lazer – Pon De Floor Brooklyn Afro Brazilian Smashup | dj Gibril Kuyateh

Labor Day Brooklyn 2013
Labor Day NYC
Brooklyn 2013
Photo by Gibril Kuyateh

Awhile ago, I was working on a collaborative radio show with TomE of Laid Back Radio in Croatia.  It turned out dope!

He’s a really talented selector with an eclectically delicious taste in music. All genres are fair game, no commercial sounds are a given and well… just google him, sit back, and enjoy.

So back to the mix… while in the zone, I brought in Pon De Floor and soon freaked it adding some Airto (dope Brazilian musical genius) and a few other sounds to kick it up a few notches but not take away from the original. Something I do a lot on the show (GKXRS) and when dj’ing, but now I’m sharing sections such as this that stand out.

Brings me back to reggae parties in Brooklyn, grinding up against ‘a shortie’ on the wall, room hot as all hell, red light type atmosphere, everybody just hoping they got somebody dancing with them to that song lol.

I happen to like Diplo’s executive direction on Major Lazer production, its fun, quirky and infectious.  Really makes you want to get it in.  The original is just dope, the video is what sells it.  Love how they have fun and sh*t.  I hope the dancers got paid well… probably not, but I’ll be the first to speak out for artist rights.  Speak through music and writing ;), anyways peep this joint:

They actually dropped something not to long ago, check out a couple joints… ok, after listening its a bit busy so I’ll dig a lil deeper and find stuff thats more in-line/aligned with my ear.

Aahhh, here we go… this is more Brooklyn and I mean real BK not the hipster bk ish:

Enjoy! – mrkuyateh

Who Is Annabel (lee) And Why She Is Ninja Tune’s Secret Weapon

Who is Annabel Lee?  Ummm, that poem by Edgar Allen Poe.  It was a dark perspective of love and death, written quite beautifully.

But who is Annabel (lee)?  And why did Ninja Tune release her latest project on vinyl By the Sea… and Other Solitary Places.  

Well, before that I’ll share my first xperience hearing Annabel (lee)…


Myspace was ‘poppin‘.  Giant Step (big ups nuff respect) added my bi-weekly radio show to their music player Giant Step Jukebox.  Which was dope because my name was right above the musical man that I’ve admired as a creative spirit, Gilles Peterson.  It was understood that the right eyes and ears would hear the show simply because of that, but then throw in other shows like Jonessy, i think Lefto and Simbad (memory failing now).

The point, everyone was official and there weren’t many, about 8 or so shows that they had and of course Gilles Peterson. Very coveted spots from dudes that were killing it and me, the new guy that Giant Step marketing/social team heard something special from (thanks Jay Yee, Adam Erik, Maurice).  I had to make a strong impression with dope sounds, but how do you do that with incredible dj’s that get everything free and so far ahead.


Gilles was my success model in terms of a tastemaker that plays everything that is dope and ahead of the curve.  I didn’t want to be like him, I liked him because he played music that if I heard on my own, I’d definitely be pushing to people.  He also wasn’t pretentious and seemed down to earth, I liked that.

I was that guy that always said “they aight, but you should check this person out”.  Made cd’s or had listening get togethers playing obscure dopness.  I knew my ability to craft original creative blends and foresee dope artistic and musical talent would speak for itself over time. #patient

Now I’m an independent musical researcher in that, I’m not looking at what the next cat is doing. Dopeness will come naturally to the ear just as it did when I discovered Giant Step and Gilles Peterson in 1998 while living in Williamsburg, Virginia… #exactly.

I had to dig deeper.

Annabel (lee) was that voice and Richard E was that producer.  It was the perfect follow up to an rare Portishead track I stumbled upon.  I needed something dark and beautiful… think I found it #Annabel (lee)

(update) kinda funny now, she thought I was a fan… but no, merely a creative spirit that saw their potential and respected as artist, just as I’m doing 8 years later still pushing.  Not a fan!

The original show link is still up on Giant Step… http://www.giantstep.net/index.php/releases/1779/

1849 by Annabel Lee is the last song

Who is Richard E?  Well, he’s just as mysterious as Annabel.  I’m not really sure if I can say because I really don’t know except that he’s the head of Further Out Recordings.  Kinda scary really, they are both intoxicatingly spooky in a sexy musical type of way.  Like the Adams family His production/composition/arrangement/mixing is flavorful and keeps you on your toes.  He’s particular good with capturing essences of time and pretty dope dj.

As for Annabel, I’ll describe her voice as beautifully enchanting.  Like a seductive ghost singing in ya ear when your alone and her voice is in 3D sound/visual, so you hear it and see it.. #imaginativeMind

It’s patient, alluring and captivating.

I really don’t have ghost singing in my ear when I’m alone, but somehow it was a fitting description.  Now I want one…

Annabel Lee Cover Art
Annabel Lee Cover Art

Gotta respect it when dope music can tap into your core like Annabel (lee) can.

As much as I could understand taste makers comparisons to some of the greats, particularly Billie Holiday… She’s has her own sound identity in my opinion, is classically fresh and edgy which you’ll see later on along with ability to adapt to many genres dance, electronic, funk, soul, hip hop.    

That’s why I believe Ninja Tune released this project along with If Music for the Save Soho campaign.  The buzz is just beginning and Ninja Tune knows they have a legend on their hands.  The question is whether they are fully prepared to invest in someone who could truly be one of the next artistic force of our time…. if anyone can understand how and where her core demographic lie and how to reach em’ its Ninja Tune.

An artist’s recognition, is often long over due because its timeless…

If one has the ability to see others appreciate them and their own success within their lifetime, its quite a blessing.  Many of the greats don’t.

Seems like this will… and my hunches are never wrong 😉

Believe” – Annabel (lee)

Album: “By the Sea… and Other Solitary Places”

Label: Ninja Tune

Annabel (lee) & Novo Tempo – Circles (Richard E & Annabel (lee) Vocal Suite)

Here’s an older track that is timeless… no one in the game sounds like her at all.  When more ears get on, the fun will begin and so will her place in music.  Paired with Richard E’s smooth and very gritty, organic, analog approach these two are a force in music. – Gibril ‘GiKu’ Kuyateh 

Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee

Listen to more Annabel (lee) & Richard E 

Below is a dope little eclectic mix curated by Richard E… music at its finest!