The original website was about my indie label GiKu Music, its endeavors and reviewing artist/art. This time around the concept has been redefined as a blog with a purpose to be more community oriented and an eXchange of ideas, collaborations, technology and resources.

I thought, wait a minute… since our artistic/technological network is vast and full of passionate indie creatives/technicians ready to breath life into projects, why don’t we merge that with our corporate network who is always on the search for the freshest and dopest talent from ahead of the curve trendsetters.

In the spring, the Brooklyn Art & Sound Xchange will begin offering opportunities to all creatives starting in NYC as they develop.  If an artist needs assistance handling a personal opportunity, we can step in and be of assistance working on behalf of the artist to leverage the most s$$ for the gig.

Over the next few months, you’ll see a growth in opportunities and Xchanges.  If you have a high quality creative opportunity for us to review you can contact me via twitter @gikumusic.

Are you a corporation/business looking for music/video production, sound designing, mastering/mixing, content writers/providers, IT/Network support, seo/social media campaign, animation, branding, grant writers, arts operation directors, dj, choreographers/dancers, graffiti artists, actors, designers, make up, stylist?

We’ll have you covered choosing a small pool of the most qualified creatives/consultants for the gig.

Are you a creative looking that needs help with filming, writing the bio/track description for your next mixtape, have a film and need a beauty crew and director, we’ll have you covered.

Are you a musician that wants music placed in commercials, video games, tv/film?  Want to submit music for remixes or need affordable legal advice? We’ll have you covered offering affordable resources.

We are uploading info and every day a new integration internally and externally is being implemented.

**Videos take a long time to upload and we have a lot of if covering art, music, dance and technology.  Video’s are all being reviewed and shortened as well as photos and post, this will take time.

Enjoy the progression and Love Music & Art.. – Gibril Kuyateh


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